A plasma table is an automated tool for cutting metal, and it is used in the metal fabrication industry. The cutting instrument is a torch made to use ionized gas, or plasma. The heat of the torch melts away the metal to make the cut and blows away the debris. There are a variety of cutting methods available, but a plasma table offers a high degree of precision. Other advantages include a fast cutting speed, the ability to cut a variety of materials and a variety of thicknesses, ease of use, and a relatively low cost. If you are thinking about purchasing one of these tools, considering the following suggestions regarding How to Choose a Plasma Table.

A plasma table should be able to accommodate the maximum width of the metal plate or sheet you need to cut. While the length of a table can be extended, the width is fixed, so make sure you have what you need. Make sure you are satisfied with the size plate you are currently using and find out whether your metal supplier offers a discount for larger sizes.

A plasma table should also be able to handle the thickness of the metal you need to cut. Make sure to get a cutter that can accommodate the maximum thickness you use the great majority of the time.

A plasma table should be sturdy enough to handle the amount of work you will give it. If you need to process a lot of jobs per day, make sure that the table you purchase is made of heavy-gauge materials and that the moving parts are well-designed to give you the degree of precision you need job after job.

The software system that accompanies your table should be easy for you and your technicians to learn and use. Look for an intuitive user interface and a well-stocked database of pre-loaded shapes. Make sure the software can easily import and edit CAD designs from another source.


You may also want to consider whether you need training for the table itself or for the use of the software and, if that is the case, find a seller who provides it. Find out more About Tactical CNC Plasma.